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Kempi – ‘Zet um op (Baby)’

My friend Ivan Barbosa and I were shooting a documentary on Kempi’s violent but extremely creative life when Dutch hiphop kingpin Kees de Koning asked us to shoot some videos for the little genius.
So we did. Ivan directed ‘Zoveel Stress’ (almost 3 million Youtube views) and ‘Kom nie hier’ (half a million views) and I made ‘Zet um op (Baby)’

The video is about teenage mothers. Kempi’s girlfriend was pregnant at the time and he felt the need to reach out to all these young girls.
So we shot a video in which we follow a young girl, who is pregnant, who feels left alone by the world and has to stay strong in the streets of Rotterdam.
We did not feel the need to really tell a story, but we made her eyes tell the story. Those sad eyes actress Fajah Lourens gave us tell us enough of her emotions.

Music Video

Director: Victor Vroegindeweij
Year of production: 2007
Status: Aired on MTV, TMF and The Box
Nominated ‘Best Video’ at the Dutch Urban Awards and the ‘Gouden Greep Awards’.
Camera: Gregg Telussa
Edit: Govert Jansen
Production: Sabine van ZeijlLabel: Top-Notch
With actress Fajah Lourens as a pregnant teenager.