Building for Brussels

Video for exhibition

A series of 5 short documentaries focusing on the state of architecture in Brussels and the challenges the city faces regarding to economy, demographic change, mobility, urban transformation and public services. The films accompanied the exhibition with the same name held at the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels.

Joachim Declerck of the architecture think-tank Architecture Workroom Brussels (AWB) curated the exhibition and asked ONS to make the films. Declerck argues in the exhibition that the above-mentioned challenges can be seen as problems, but if approached with the right vision and courage they can be turned into great advantages and ultimately create a better city.

The exhibition was opened by Brussels Prime Minister Charles Picqué on october 8, 2010 in the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts.

Directed by Victor Vroegindeweij
Editor: Remi van der Heiden
Camera: Gregg Telussa & Roel van Tour
Color: Raamw3rk
Sound mix: GVS Studio
Producer: Victor Vroegindeweij
Production assistant: Remke Annema
Status: Finished and on display in the Bozar museum for fine art, Brussels.