The Circle

The Circle is an interactive documentary format. The user will be able to browse through a group of people, sitting in a circle. What these people have in common might differ each time we make a new Circle. The video above is a non-interactive prototype that focusses on social anxiety.

We are now in the process of producing a fully working test version with interaction designers IJsfontein. The test version will premiere at a major international film festival.

Developed by Victor Vroegindeweij and Floris Douma within the Mediafonds@Sandberg masterclass.
Made possible with the financial and intellectual support of the Dutch Media Fund and the Sandberg Institute.
Thanks to Martijn de Waal, Annelys de Vette, Anna Pedroli and Annet Dekker.
Prototype video made by Victor Vroegindeweij, Floris Douma, Barend Onneweer, Gregg Telussa, Adriaan van der Polder and the fine people you see in the circle.